Multi-channel project financing
* Keep long-term relationship with Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,China Development Bank, China Citic Bank, Bank of Communications, Industrial Bank and Hebei Bank etc. Starting strategic cooperation with China Merchants Group in 2014 High standard level of EPC Management
* In June 2014, China Development Bank first batch of 1.2 billion RMB distributed PV project fund, LIGHTWAY won 70 million RMB loans from China Development Bank, which is the first loan for local project.By March 2015,three solar plants have successfully implemented China Development Bank's loans, nearly 300 million RMB
* Starting stategic cooperation with China Merchants Group in 2014

Firsr-Mover Advantages
* LONGJITAIHE, the parent company of LIGHTWAY POWER, would provide annul 10 million ㎡ roof resources, which lays the groundwork for LIGHTYWAY
* Having began to export solar panels all over the world since 2009, LIGHTWAY has rich industry experience and integrated PV resources
* Undertaking the first national distributed PV application demonstration projects, building 1.8 million ㎡, the total installed capacity of 150MW "PV roof plants"
* Assigned developer of domestic 364 hospitals,HRS station and GPO processing centers in China

High standard level of EPC Management
Aiming at EPC overall process, Lighway has been executed the strictly qualities control and detail effective management to guarantee the best PV station services. Through the professional station designing, high qualities material, strictly constriction management, reasonable project schedule, fair third party inspection, safety & relief transfer of turn-key and realize risk management, schedule management, personnel management, quality management, cost management, acceptance management and overall EPCM.

Intelligent Operating & Maintenance Services
Intelligent Operating & Maintenance Services Implement the reasonable operating and maintenance strategy will make a big influence to the long term feasibility and profitability of the PV power plant. We are able to build the intelligent management platform of local monitoring and central monitoring for PV power plant, so as to save the O&M cost and increase the electricity output.Five Main Function Module of LIGHTWAY’s Intelligent Management Platform:
* Portable control and management--use mobile devices to do remote control to the PV arrays, Combiner boxes and Inverters
* Safety Alarm— Omnibearing monitoring of risk factors, safeguard the PV power plant with zero danger
* PV data centralized control and analyze—find out the elements which affect the power output
* Intelligent fault diagnosis—smart guide, automatic diagnosis, increase the generating efficiency
* Upgrade the software and hardware timely, provide more add value services