Lightway has assumed the role of an industry pioneer, gradually achieving sustainable development along the way. Our company values green living and the positive effects this way of life can have on our shared health and happiness. Lightway is proud to invest in a green future through sustainable development.

By 2012, we had already developed and promoted 48 innovative product patents for our sustainable products. To minimize negative environmental impacts, we have adopted a scientific method for sustainable development which covers many significant steps of the production process including raw materials, manufacturing, installation, operation, and disposal.

We have optimized our operation by applying our stainability goals to the entire supply chain from manufacturing to finished products--including logistic and supplier involvement. Keeping our goal of comprehensive green development in mind, we will continually improve our energy saving measures and efficiently reduce negative environmental effects.

Our Corporate Responsibility program is built upon our belief that the impact of solar power is felt by society as a whole. Accordingly, we have embraced a commitment to continue serving society in this manner while promoting a high standard of accountability along the way -- Lightway is ready to deliver solar power to a constantly changing world.

At Lightway, talents are respected and valued. We provide comprehensive and competitive compensation benefit packages to attract, stimulate, and retain talented people. Through short-term and long-term incentive systems, we tailor career development for individuals and create a friendly and fair working environment for our employees.